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Chamine do Palacio

Hidden inside a Palace, Palácio da Independência, just off Rossio, is the one of Lisbon’s best-kept secrets: a fantastic esplanade. The food is special, too. Contemporary takes on Portuguese and international staples delights such as hamburger made from alheira (a garlicky sausage ) that have been the talk of the town sinde the place opened. It does dinners, but only to order, for groups of 14 plus.

Bica do Sapato

This is “the” fashionable restaurant in Lisbon, a status it has had practically since the first day it opened. Tel.: +35 1 218 810 320.

Lisboa á Noite

A big, sophisticated venue, created by turning several stables of a palace into a restaurant. Tel.: +35 1 213 468 557.

100 Maneiras

A very tasty, creative and easily-identifiable cuisine using fresh, familiar products, with several brilliant discoveries and blends that satisfy our appetites and “open up the soul”. Tel.:+35 1 210 990 475.


Selected products for a truly authentic Italian cuisine. Tel.: +35 1 213 425 931.


Marble-top tables reminiscent of old-fashioned Italian “cantinas”, big oval mirrors and the river Tagus right in front make this venue sophisticated and cosmopolitan. Tel.: +35 1 218 775 32.


The artistic layout of food on beautiful ceramic bowls and plates, often hand-crafted, underpin this restaurant's service. Tel.: +35 1 21 342 59 31.


The years go by yet this is still one of the best restaurants in Lisbon. Tel.: +351 213 464 811.

Café no Chiado

This place invites you in to enjoy some very special moments in a very sophisticated minimalist atmosphere. Tel.: +35 1 213 056 118.


Here the menu combines international cuisine with art and the flavour of home-cooking, with the choice of ingredients playing a fundamental role. Tel.: +35 1 213 956 118.

A Brasileira

To escape from the crowds of tourists that flock to the esplanade, the best thing to do is take refuge inside its Modernist interior, full of cobwebs and 19th-century craftwork, and enjoy an elegant “bica” or espresso. Not to be missed! Rua Garrett, 120-122. Tel.: + 35 1 213 469 541.

Tavares Restaurante

Founded in 1784, the Tavares is a true institution, with its gold work and spider candelabras. Since January 2009, the young chef Jose Avillez has been in charge of the kitchen. At the age of 24, he is considered to be one of the best experts in Portuguese cuisine. Rua da Misericordia, 35. Tel.: +351 213 421 112.

Chapito Restaurant

Restaurant and circus school. International kitchen. Rua Costa do Castelo nº Xpto 1. T.+351218855550

O Pinóchio Restaurant

Shellfish is his manin course. Placed in Praça dos Restauradores, 79. T.+351213465106

hotel gat rossio: Rua do Jardim do Regedor nº 27-35 e Travessa do Forno nº 9-13. Lisboa. Tel. +35 1 213 478 300