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How to get there?

From the airport You can take the [b]AeroBus[/b] and get off at the [b]Restauradores [/b]stop, just 100 metres from the hotel. You can also take [b]buses 44, 83 and 735[/b] and get off at the [b]Restauradores[/b] stop, too. You’ll find the Hotel Gat Rossio just 100 metres away.

De la Estación de Santa Apolónia (tren) Coger el [b]Metro (Línea Azul – Dirección Amadora)[/b] y salir en la estación [b]Restauradores[/b]. A 50 metros de la salida del metro, encontrarás el Hotel Gat Rossio.

The Rossio

The Rossio is one of the prettiest squares in Lisbon. Not only because of the beauty of its monuments, its fountains or its history. The Rossio quarter is an open book. A time-honoured meeting point, not only for the people of Lisbon, but also for the city's visitors.

hotel gat rossio: Rua do Jardim do Regedor nº 27-35 e Travessa do Forno nº 9-13. Lisboa. Tel. +35 1 213 478 300 hotelgatrossio@gatrooms.com